Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rich Dad Poor Dad Part 2

Where were we?....Oh yes...I was about to tell you where exactly we are right now.And the answer to that is that we are actually in a race...not an ordinary race but a Rat Race.This race usually starts by the time we wake up everyday of each week to go to work. We take a shower.We dress up in our working attire and we rush off(if we were late)to go to work.Everyday we can see average human being are rushing off to the working place. The transportation that we use in this race can be either our own car,public transportation or even car pooling.Whatever our mode of transportation may be nonetheless we are all in race.

Do you realize that this way of living is actually like living in a prison but with no walls?We stayed in the office from 8/9 till 5/6 with the attention of getting a pay check at the end of the month.This goes on and on day by day,week and week,month by month and year by year.Is this a lifestyle that we want the rest of our lives?

Well if you're the kind of person who likes his/her jobs well you can ignore this post.I admire you for having that kind of feeling but not everyone is as fortunate as you to be loving in what you do. But if you intend to get out of the rat race continue reading.We share a mutual feeling.

Honestly speaking, I don't intend to have a 9-6 job for the rest of my life.I feel that it is a boring lifestyle and something I can't imagine myself doing in the coming years.Why you say?The answer to that is that life around you has much much more to offer.There are alot of things you can do.Like I for example want to travel around the world.Want to see those place in the Travel and Living channel.I want to learn new things.Sewing,cooking,languages....the list can go on and on.Having the money to give to charity.Basically I want to live this life so that life will be much more meaningful."Life without living is a life not worth living".

And to achieve that we must have a plan.A plan to break free from the race.To make up your own race track.To own your own race track.Where you will always be a winner.This blog will be the testament and witness in my progress to break free.In this blog I will share with you my plan and its progress and provide you with the opportunity for you to also break free from the race.You can also share you opportunity or give your advice on how we can achieve this.I may fail,I may succeed.Who knows?But we must try sometimes if we want to be financially free because if we scared of trying, basically we are scared of winning.I live you with this quote for now as something to think about "Loser are not those who try and fail but Loser are those who dare not try to fail".

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