Friday, November 6, 2009

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Here is a book which I have recently bought and have the pleasure of reading. Rich Dad Poor Dad.I think most of you have read this book or have known about the existence of this book.I've actually have known about this book quite some time ago. During high school I have actually heard alot of people mentioning about this book but at that time my interest in the book or any other book for the matter was not very high. During highschool we dont read other books besides our text book right?:D.

Anyway I bought this book in Penang in a place called Chow Rasta.It has no relation with Rasta Taman Tun only that it shares the same name. There is a second hand book shop on the first floor that sells almost all of the book that you have seen in most of the popular book stores. From the book for dummies series up untill the text book you use in your school, every kind of book can be obtained here.

Actually I drew an interest towards this book a few months ago and I didn't know what drew me to it. Eventhough the books is available in the popular bookstore near my house, I always procastenate on buying it. The reason is that for RM30+ to buy a book well I would rather buy something else. So I told myself to wait until I am in Penang and buy that book in the second hand book store with the hope that the book will be sold for say around RM15. That would be a much better price for the book.

So once I was at the book store my hopes of buying the book at RM15 was not met. The book actually was sold at RM25. About RM10 less than the actual in the bookstore. I hesitate for a moment. Kept thinking about to buy or not until finally I decided to buy the book(with a little persuasion from my little baby) and what a wonderful choice I made.

From the first page of the book up until the last page, I was really focus and absorbing all of the information in the book. It had actually open my minds to fully realize and understand where are we really are rigth now. And do you want to know where we really are right now? Well then you have to wait for the continuation of this story in the next post...:D

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