Saturday, November 21, 2009


Get on Solid Financial ground and stay there with these easy tips:

1)BE SPECIFIC WITH YOUR GOALS - Make it as clear as possible. Having goals when dealing with money is essential especially if they're yours! It doesn't have to be complicated, you can start with something like "Put aside RM400 a month for downpayment on a new home until you have RM20,000", or "Pay back credit card debt in one with RM200 a month minimum".

2)FOCUS ON NEEDS, NOT WANTS - Keeping a list of what you want if fine but don't always use your credit card to get it. Understand the difference between needs and wants, and be prepared to forego what you don't really need to stay on course to financial freedom.

3) SIMPLE IS THE WAY TO GO - In our excitement in planning for the future, we can complicate things by doing too much at one go. Just focus on what's most important to you. Is it having enough money for retirement or financial security for loved ones, or education savings for your kids? You decide and then take a simple, starightforward action.

4) KNOW YOUR WEAK POINTS - No one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than yourself. So avoid setting off on a spending spree or anything that will stop you from saving more.

5) KEEP IT REAL - Start small, as it's all about consistency. It's better to build up, than give up.

6) BUILD A FORT - Life is about change. The best way to protect yourself is to have adequate insurance. If you suffer any kind of setback, illness,or disability and do not have enough protection to coverthat, you will thrown into a financial crisis.

7) GET PEACE OF MIND - Having a will is important yet many have big misconceptions that it's only for people with big estates, the elderly, married couples or those with kids. Once you start building a portfolio and acquiring assests, it's high time for you to draw up a will.

8) SEEK PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL ADVICE - If you're in need of financial help all you have to do is ask - it can be bankerfor a mortgage, a lawyer for your will, or a professional financial planner for more complex financial planning needs.

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